My Origin Story

3 months ago, I had never run farther than 5k (3.1 miles).

When I set goals for this year, I decided that my fitness needed a push. In 2016, I set and accomplished a goal of running 3 5k races. But that goal didn’t push me very far. I ran more than before, but maxed out the year at 25 tracked miles (I started tracking halfway through the year, so we can maybe assume 40-45 miles total).

So 2017 needed something harder than 5k races. I decided to attempt a 10k and half marathon. 10k sounded achievable, but in my little 5k mind, a half marathon was almost unfathomable.

I started training in February, budgeting about 2 months to work through 5k and 10k races. I wasn’t super consistent with training and I was very slow, but I did run the distances. By April 1, I’d knocked out one goal for the year and it was on to the next one.

But by then, I’d discovered the ultrarunning community. I was first introduced through Billy Yang and Ginger Runner films on YouTube, but I quickly began following blogs, Twitter accounts, Instagram feeds, and a host of YouTube channels. I also discovered the Tough Girl Tribe, an inspiring group of women surrounding the Tough Girl podcast.

And a half-marathon no longer sounded unfathomable. In fact, it sounded like too simple a goal. So here goes 5k to 50k in one year. Follow along as I tackle injuries, training plans, nutrition, mobility, strength, race planning, and a host of other running concerns.



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