Returning to Roots

I didn't run this summer. There are reasons--Florida summer heat, an ITB injury--but the plain truth is that I've completed only 4 runs since the last time I posted on this blog. I've been biking, swimming, walking, and practicing yoga on occasion, but not with much regularity. Quitting on the training block I had--from 5k... Continue Reading →


Western States 2017: Bravery and Failure

This was my first year observing Western States (from far away via Twitter). Last year, I'd never heard of the race. This year, I was hyped up from films, podcasts, and prediction posts. For the men's race, I was following Walmsley and Mocko. Walmsley because he is a bold and ambitious runner who's trying to... Continue Reading →

My Origin Story

3 months ago, I had never run farther than 5k (3.1 miles). When I set goals for this year, I decided that my fitness needed a push. In 2016, I set and accomplished a goal of running 3 5k races. But that goal didn't push me very far. I ran more than before, but maxed... Continue Reading →

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